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Apr 06 2020

Pixop brings classic stories back to life

Much of the world's film and television archives are in danger of disappearing. AI video enhancement and video upscaling are here to save the day.

Press releases

Nov 24 2020

Pixop teams up with Harmonic Inc.

Pixop and Harmonic Inc work together on various enhancing and upscaling projects.

Oct 12 2020

Pixop Teams Up with France TV Lab

Pixop teamed up with France TV Lab and Harmonic Inc to upscale older tennis clips for RGLAB 2020.

Sep 12 2020

Pixop partners with University Paris-Dauphine, Tunis

The partnership will focus on skills training, brand development and recruitment.

Sep 01 2020

Pixop Receives Funding from The Danish Growth Fund

Pixop is primarily self-funded with help from the Danish Growth Fund (Vækstfonden)

Jun 16 2020

Pixop’s Video Processing REST API is finally here!

Pixop’s REST API allows integrators to build cloud-based video processing into their existing systems in a straightforward and robust way.

Mar 08 2020

Pixop Partners with Muvi

Muvi is the world's first all-in-one OTT Platform that enables media content owners to easily monetize their video and audio content beyond the borders of traditional advertising.

Feb 13 2020

Pixop Receives Second Grant from Innovation Fund

We're excited to announce that we're working with Innovation Fund Denmark to help launch Pixop.

Jul 01 2019

Pixop Joins the NVIDIA Inception Program

Pixop is thrilled to announce that we're now officially a member of deep learning and AI startup incubator, NVIDIA Inception.

Jan 04 2018

Pixop Joins the Amazon Activate Program

AWS Activate provides startups with low cost, easy-to-use infrastructure needed to scale and grow businesses.


Jun 30 2021

What is image noise?

Nothing ruins a video quite like grainy, unpleasant image noise. Let's explore what causes it and why it's worth eliminating.

Oct 30 2020

The Streaming Wars are Officially Underway.

Are you a smaller network struggling to find your footing amongst streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime? AI video enhancement can help you compete to win.

Jul 02 2020

New features: image comparison, presets and more.

We’re always looking for ways to make your Pixop experience better, easier and more rewarding, so we’ve launched a bunch of new features for you to try.

Dec 19 2019

Pixop platform

Machine Learning-powered video enhancement in the cloud

Oct 14 2019

Comparing video upscaling methods on stock footage.

Upsampling algorithm shootout.

Aug 15 2019

Machine Learning-Fueled Video Super Resolution

A look at super-resolution powered by machine learning and patch-based image processing techniques to make high-quality versions of low-quality videos.

Customer stories

May 05 2020

Pixop helps TV 2 bring royal history into the present

Pixop helped TV 2 enhance and upscale videos of Queen Margrethe's birthday celebrations using our AI video enhancement software.


Jun 25 2020

Our REST API has launched! 

Our newsletter for June 2020.

Dec 19 2019

Merry Christmas & Happy New Pyrus

Our newsletter for December 2019

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