Merry Christmas & Happy New Pyrus

By Team Pixop on December 19, 2019

Our newsletter for December 2019

Still for the Danish Christmas show, Pyrus.

Hi there,

A bit of exciting news from our end of the world and our warmest wishes for the Holidays. We hope you’re enjoying all the December festivities. 

From pixels to Pyrus 

This fall we’ve had the pleasure of restoring one of Denmark’s most popular Christmas shows, “Pyrus i Alletiders Juleeventyr” – a 24-episode Christmas tale about the funny elf, Pyrus, and all his endeavors. 

The show was originally broadcasted in 2000 on one of Denmark’s two main channels, TV 2. It’s a prime example of production value at the time, but compared to today’s standards – and the high level of any production shown on TV 2’s main channel – the original version appeared dusty, scruffy and noticeably “old”. So, something had to be done.

Introducing our new Deep Video Restoration algorithm 

Current upscaling technology works well when the original video was captured in good quality and stored under good conditions, but sometimes the footage is in such poor condition that something extra is needed to make the production display properly.

This has led to the development of our new algorithm. Leveraging all our hands-on experience with our current upscaling technology, we’re working on a new deep learning algorithm, DVRES, and the work we did for TV 2 was our first prototype test. 

Airing on TV 2’s main channel this December

We processed the original video material using our new Deep Video Restoration algorithm and succeeded in remarkably improving the image quality, reducing noise and blur, and compensating for the low resolution, as well as bringing back some of the finer details that was lost due to digital compression and conversion between formats in the original production. And, as a positive side note, we were able to process all 24 episodes at a very affordable price. 

For us, it’s a stamp of approval that TV 2 is now airing Pyrus on their main channel, as they only broadcast productions of a certain quality on that particular channel.

Available online 2020 

We’ll continue working on our Deep Video Restoration algorithm in 2020 where it will be available on our online Pixop platform – we’ll be sure to let you know once we’re live. 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas & look forward to seeing you in the next decade. 

All the best, 

Jon & Morten


Our REST API has launched! 

Our newsletter for June 2020.


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