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Visit our help centre for tutorials, articles, tips and FAQs on how to get the most out of Pixop.

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We've listed some general FAQs below and have a more detailed list here. If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch!

What filters do you offer?

We offer a selection of proprietary filters, as well as curated third-party filters. Visit our all filters page for more information about each one. Examples of each filter can be found on that filter's page.

How powerful is Pixop's upscaling?

Pixop Super Resolution is limited to an upscaling factor of four and Pixop Deep Restoration is limited to an upscaling factor of two. Unlimited upscaling is technically possible, but there are tradeoffs with accuracy as more details are hallucinated.

Can I use Pixop for free?

No, Pixop does not offer a free tier. Everyone who signs up to our platform gets 14 days to look around and get familiar with our UI. If a user has not added a valid payment method after 14 days, their account is deleted.

What is your payment structure?

Pixop is 100% pay-as-you-use. There are no recurring subscription fees. You only pay for processing (priced per gigapixel) and utilities (storage and downloads. Priced per gigabyte). Find more info on our pricing page.

How do I get started?

We've put together an article about what to do when you're ready to start enhancing and upscaling footage. Learn everything you need to know here. If you want to save time, we also have mini tutorials and a more detailed list of FAQs.

What are processing credits?

You need to purchase credits in order to process a video or create previews. Once you cue up a processing job and choose your settings, Pixop automatically calculates how many credits you'll need to complete it. You can then buy them in-app.

When am I charged for storage and downloads?

We run a weekly check on all accounts and automatically charge your card each time your outstanding balance reaches $10 or more. AWS rates are passed directly to Pixop users without any additional charges.

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