API Changelog

The latest updates and changes to Pixop's REST API libraries.

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Mar 11 2021
  • Added scanning control (auto, explicit interlacing/progressive)
  • Added output aspect control
  • Added dynamic resolution tags (2x, 3x, 4x)
  • Add FFV1 codec (only available in a QuickTime .mov-container for now)
  • Added post processors (Pixop Film Grain)
  • Improved documentation for process video request
Mar 04 2021
  • Scanning type and field ordering exposed in ingestion metadata object
  • videoMetadataCommitted exposed has part of the the ingestion state object
  • Removed deprecated restricted field in the team object
Nov 13 2020
  • Preset is now included in the processing parameters object
  • Various documentation updates
Sep 01 2020
  • Pixop Deep Restoration is now available as an additional scaler
Jun 18 2020
  • Pixop Denoiser is now available as an additional denoiser
  • Various bug fixes
Jun 04 2020
  • Various bug fixes
May 23 2020
  • Initial release and staging deployment

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