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Making video enhancement simple and accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Morten Kolle and Jon Frydensbjerg at the IBC Show in 2019.

Pixop founders Morten (left) and Jon (center) at the IBC Show in 2019.

Who we are

Jon Frydensbjerg’s training as a computer vision engineer and Morten Kolle’s experience as an entrepreneur and investor laid the foundation for Pixop. The company's mission is to make video enhancement simple and accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Though Morten has no formal background in computer vision or AI, his success as an entrepreneur and investor set him up to lead Pixop as CEO. He was one of Denmark's early internet pioneers, starting the game development firm Certus in 1996, which he successfully sold in 2006. Jon, on the other hand, has years of professional experience as a computer vision engineer and a deep understanding of AI, machine learning, and cloud computing. He oversees product development as Pixop’s CTO.

Pixop HQ in Odense, Denmark.

Pixop HQ in Odense, Denmark.

The inception

Jon and Morten — who’d previously worked together at Certus — first discussed the possibility of starting Pixop in 2017, after Jon demonstrated his Super-Resolution algorithm. Though Morten had little experience with the more technical aspects of video enhancement, he immediately saw potential.

“I, like everyone else in the world, enjoy a good film — especially the classics,” he explains.

“But with the advent of Netflix, everyone’s come to expect a level of visual quality that old films just don’t have. Typically, video enhancement is manual, time-consuming, and expensive, so most studios don’t use it too much. Jon’s algorithms seemed like the answer.”

So they took the leap and started Pixop in December 2017. After winning a grant from Innovation Fund Denmark in September 2018, they went to work on it full time.

IBC Show 2019

IBC Show 2019

Lights, camera, action

Since then, they’ve won additional grants from Innovation Fund Denmark and are a part of the NVIDIA Inception program and the Amazon Startup Credits program. Pixop is self-funded with help from the Danish Growth Fund (Vækstfonden).

As for what their ultimate goal is:

“It’s important for us to automate the entire video enhancement process to make it far more simple and accessible than it is currently. AI, machine learning, and cloud computing allow us to do that,” Jon explains.

"We’re working towards three things: Being the best video enhancement product on the market, pricing it fairly, and making it as simple and accessible as possible."

We work with

Logo for Harmonic Inc

Harmonic Inc provide industry-leading solutions for delivering and monetizing a wide range of smarter, faster video streaming and broadband services to every screen.

logo for NVIDIA Inception program

Pixop is a part of NVIDIA Inception, a deep learning and AI incubator which nurtures cutting-edge startups who are revolutionizing industries.

Logo for Muvi

Pixop works with Muvi, which enables media content owners to easily monetize their video and audio content beyond the borders of traditional advertising.

AWS Logo

Pixop is a part of the AWS Activate Builders Program, which provides startups with low cost, easy-to-use infrastructure to help businesses grow.

France TV lab Logo

France TV Lab was formed in 2016 and drives innovation at France TV in areas such as design, new forms of management, new advertising formats and new content.

The Danish Growth Fund logo

Pixop is part of the Danish Growth Fund (Vækstfonden), which works with banks and private investors to fund promising Danish startups.

Pixop is a member of Media City Odense, a strategic cooperation of leading media and tech companies with ambitions to become Denmark's most innovative mediatech cluster.

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