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Pixop teams up with Harmonic Inc.

By Shifa Rahaman on November 24, 2020

Pixop and Harmonic Inc work together on various enhancing and upscaling projects.

Banner graphic from Harmonic Inc that reads "Video Streaming Made Simple"

We work with Harmonic Inc on various enhancing and upscaling projects. Most recently, we worked with them at RGLAB2020, where Pixop's AI- and ML-powered algorithms were tested in the augmented quality category to upscale SD NTSC tennis clips from 2012 to UHD 4K.

Harmonic Inc has clients all over the world and provides industry-leading solutions for delivering and monetizing a wide range of smarter, faster video streaming and broadband services to every screen.

They lead the transformation for video, cable and media companies, with smarter, faster, and simpler solutions. For the past 25 years, they have been at the forefront of industry innovations every step of the way. Whether it be simplifying streaming using the cloud or software as a service, or by helping cable operators roll out next-generation gigabit services, they empower their customers to monetize and deliver their content to every screen.

Given that both Pixop and Harmonic share the goal of giving viewers the best quality of experience, we are incredibly excited to be teaming up with such talented people.


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