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Power through various enhancement scenarios with Pixop — our AI and ML-powered filters do all the heavy lifting. Trained on thousands of hours of footage and tested rigorously to ensure your enhanced videos come out looking better than ever before.

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Honestly, I handed over some pretty scruffy material and wasn't expecting much. But all the TV shows that Pixop processed came back in such good quality that we could put them right back on air.

Kim Rasmussen, Chief Editor

STV Productions

Pixop Filters

Our video filters are based on AI, deep learning and machine learning. They are developed and trained in-house.

Pixop Deep Restoration

De-blurs, eliminates compression artifacts and injects details into degraded video.

Pixop Deep Restoration 2

De-blurs, eliminates compression artifacts and injects details into degraded video. Improved version.

Pixop Super Resolution

Transparent upscaler that increases resolution with sharper and more accurate results than interpolation.

Pixop Denoiser

Reduces digital noise, making it an ideal way to take footage from grainy to crystal-clear.

Pixop Deinterlacer

Reconstructs details in interlaced video to a non-interlaced, progressive form.

Pixop Dejitterer

Stabilizes and repairs scan lines that have become displaced as a result of converting videos to digital.

Pixop Frame Rate Conversion

Creates new video frames by predicting the motion between two consecutive frames.

Pixop Film Grain

Renders an accurate layer of digital film grain using a physically-based grain model.

Pixop Face Forward

Put your best face forward. Makes face lighting appear uniform, blurs the background and adjusts color balance.

Third-Party Filters

Video filters from third parties that may employ machine learning. Drop us a line if you have developed an algorithm or ML model that may be of value to our users!


Our hand-picked collection of excellent, classic FFmpeg video filters for deinterlacing, denoising and more.

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For every need 

Pixop’s filters cover common video enhancement and upscaling scenarios, including denoising, deinterlacing, super resolution, deep restoration and dejittering. We also offer a selection of classic third-party filters such as Bicubic Interpolation, YADIF and Weston Three-Field.

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Rigorously developed 

Our proprietary filters are developed in-house and trained on thousands of hours of footage by experienced computer-vision experts to bring you the best in AI-powered video enhancement and upscaling. We take pride in our R&D and work to continuously create new algorithms.

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Continuously optimized 

We continuously review our catalogue to make sure that all our filters are performing to standard and are up-to-date with the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Pixop's R&D team re-train and optimize existing filters regularly to make them more accurate, cost-effective and efficient. We also review and curate our third-party offerings on an ongoing basis.

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Tried and tested 

Our filters are rigorously tested for accuracy using industry-standard metrics, including Netflix's VMAF metric. They typically perform better than leading enhancement and upscaling software by significant margins. More information and testing results can be found on our blog.

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