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Video filters for improving the perceived quality of video and making the viewing experience more enjoyable for the end consumer.

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Pixop Filters

Our video filters are all machine learning-based, developed and trained in-house.

Pixop Deep Restoration

De-blurs, eliminates compression artifacts and injects details into degraded video.

Pixop Super Resolution

Transparent upscaler that increases resolution with sharper and more accurate results than interpolation.

Pixop Denoiser

Reduces digital noise, making it an ideal way to take footage from grainy to crystal-clear.

Pixop Deinterlacer

Reconstructs details in interlaced video to a non-interlaced, progressive form.

Pixop Dejitterer

Stabilizes and repairs scan lines that have become displaced as a result of converting videos to digital.

Third-Party Filters

Video filters from third parties that may employ machine learning. Drop us a line if you have developed an algorithm or ML model that may be of value to our users!


Our hand-picked collection of excellent, classic FFmpeg video filters for deinterlacing, denoising and more.

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