Pixop Dejitterer

Stabilizes and repairs scan lines that have become displaced as a result of converting videos to digital.

Pedestrians walking in the street
Pedestrians walking in the street
Random Jittered (SD, 3x zoom)
Pixop Dejitterer (SD, 3x zoom)
Pedestrians walking in the street

Random Jitter

Test Sequence (2001)


Re-aligns horizontal scanlines horizontally to compensate for the effects of minor jitter artifacts.

Deep-Learning applied

Harnesses the learning power of deep neural network architecture to enhance the quality of video.

Dejittering up to UHD 4K

Jitter reduction of the displayed source video frame in any resolution up to UHD 4K.

Proven, tested model

Tested to produce good results on a wide range of different genres such as entertainment, sports, action and documentaries.

More information will be available soon.

What type of video material is Pixop Dejitterer best suited for?

Ideal for digital video degraded by processes that imply naturally occurring sources of horizontal signal shift, introduced during video acquisition and/or digitization.


  • The maximum output resolution is currently UHD 4K (3920x2160 pixels).

Processing speed

Expected runtime performance (frames per second (FPS) is stated, as well as the time to process 1 hour of PAL video in parentheses):

  • SD - 93 FPS (32 minutes)
  • HD - 20 FPS (1.5 hours)
  • 4K - 3.8 FPS (6.5 hours)

Note that these numbers assume H.264 encoding being used. Very CPU intensive codecs like H.265 and/or extremely high bitrates will yield less performance.

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Pixop Deep Restoration

Deblurs and restores degraded video

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